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Finntackle Oy / Ltd (VAT registered) is based in Oulu, Finland.
We are a family business established already in 1986.
Software development services are provided by Mr Tuomas Jantti.

Current status: Current status: Next time available around 10/2017.

Brief work history:
- Currently working as Software consultant in Copenhagen area.
- International experience: 3.5 years in Switzerland next to Zurich.
- Nokia Finland / England / Germany for around 9 years total.
- I have in total around 20 years professional software development experience.

Experience from roles like:
- Senior developer and project manager
- Defenition and implementation of APIs
- Software development processes (from requirement to maintenance)

Main expertice areas:
- C, C++ and Java development (from above HW layer up to UI level)
- Embedded RTOS or client/server environments
- Linux, Symbian, Windows

Some quotes from my letters of reference:

"Tuomas has always performed the tasks given to him diligently and he can be recommended for demanding technical tasks."
"Mr Jantti has performed all his tasks conscientiously and achieved good quality in the resulting software products."
"Mr. Jantti has very good techinical skills. After short introduction period he was able to take full responsibility for the DCM subsystem.
"He has solved assigned tasks independently in a detailed manner. Mr. Jantti constantly carried out his tasks to our full satisfaction and achieved good results."
"Tuomas Jantti has demonstrated good professional skills, been hardworking, concientious and creditably effective and ability to learn new."
"Tuomas performed his tasks very well, with professionalism and initiative. He was also a good member of his team."
"Mr. Jäntti is accepted by his colleagues as highly competent in various fields of software engineering. He accomplishes all assigned tasks independently and in proactive manner to full functionality."

Services available basically anywhere in EU and Norway.
Also subcontracted development work provided. Whole project implementation from start to finish,
resulting to well documented and tested code.

To request for CV and for further information please contact: tuomas.jantti@finntackle.fi

Here is a picture of me somewhere at border of Sweden and Norway.

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